Quality policy

As Sahra Cam :

  • To comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements and to improve its efficiency continuously,
  • to provide individual development by establishing quality and safety awareness by relying on the expertise, support and productivity of our employees.
  • Our main policy is to fulfill the quality requirements in every project we perform, keeping the principle of design, material, workmanship quality and error-free production at the highest level in accordance with the changing and evolving customer expectations in every field of the sector.
  • The principles that may be the basis of our policy regarding providing services in this sector are listed as follows;
  • To keep customer relations warm and to evaluate the incoming demands.
  • Fulfilling the customer's satisfaction after the sale as it was before the sale.
  • Always to be a safe company in our sector.
  • Keeping our current situation, and not satisfied with it, to take the philosophy of continuous improvement at every point.
  • To work in harmony with quality suppliers and provide the desired quality products at the most affordable price.
  • Keeping staff training and needs in the forefront.
  • To fulfill the requirements of developing technology.
  • To implement all legal requirements as required.

Our company personnel have adopted these principles as a principle of being a pioneer company in our sector by adopting them as a principle and keeping our foundation firm and by taking strong steps.